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We are the leading stock market tips provider with experience of more than 10 years in KLSE, SGX, COMEX and FOREX market.

Tips Aggregator Services is prominent and trustworthy in Research of KLSE, SGX, COMEX and FOREX market. It is dedicated to add value to Client’s portfolio. It consists of team of dedicated workforce engaged for almost twelve hours per day individually. This dedication and motive to serve clients and prospective clients and create value helps Services to fetch best of results and performance comparatively. Tips Aggregator Services is built on foundation of trust, transparency, faith, commitment and dedicated hard work.

Why Choose Us

We are a tips aggregator who provides unbiased tips without supporting the image of any company. The customer support is 24*7, Relationship Manager (RM) at your ease. The tips provided have an accuracy upto 80%.

How Tips Aggregator Functions

Tips Aggregator provides diverse financial products that include additional services such as 24*7 customer care support.
We provide you with insight into the risk profile and the finance needed before suggesting any product or services.

Risk Profile Insight

Tips Aggregator set out a personalized risk profile for its client that is based on the client net worth, objective of investment, the amount to be invested, effectiveness of investment and other factors.

Accessing Tips

The aggregated tips provided by us go through three different levels and then the finest tips are provided.
The tips are compiled together on a fundamental basis and go through the AI Technology from here the decluttered tips goes through the technical analysis which is done via Zeeta software. The tips are filtered from this process and the tips go to the research and analysis team. Then the Research and Analysis team gives out the green signal to the finest tips and then the tips are delivered to the client.


The final execution has to be done by the client by investing the capital on the suggested trade and on the price asked to. Following the tips on time is the key to hitting the profitable trade.



Klse Pro plan provided tips for the traders who want to invest in Bursa Malaysia. The recommendations are based on technical analysis. The stocks are suggested according to the specific stock chosen.


The plan provides recommendations for stocks withholding and intra/contra purpose. It is ideal for traders who want to invest in Bursa Malaysia. The recommendations are based on technical analysis.


This plan is for the ones who want to invest in the SGX. The recommendations provided are based on the technical analysis. The plan provides recommendations only for stock withhold and the intra/contra purpose.


The plan is recommended for the one who wants to invest in the major currency pairs and wants to earn profit. There are 7 major pairs and they are the most sought out pairs by Forex traders. Most of the trading happens in these pairs.


The plan is curated for the one who wants to invest in precious metals Gold and Silver. The recommendation is one the basis of technical analysis. The product provides the recommendation on the metals mentioned.

World Indices

The plan is curated for the one who wants to invest and take advantage of the moments in the world indices. This product is to provide recommendations only in indices withholding and intra/contra purpose.

Our Strategy and Planning

Simple and effective solutions

We are an independent financial services firm focused on providing objective and long-term strategic financial advisory services for companies and investors.

Clear planning and strategy making

We strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients by providing a consistently high level of independent, long-term focused and value-added expertise for best quality execution.

Adaptable and flexible process

We strive to develop strategies and processes that can adapt with changing market conditions, which is finding new ways to explain market behavior for achieving more consistent outcomes.

Customized approach and execution

We research, select and monitor plans best fit as per client’s individual needs and situation. Our tailor made strategies made us capable enough to bring new heights to our success ratio.

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