About US

About Us

Tips Aggregator is a one-stop stock market solution with vast experience of 10+ years and knowledge in the field. We provide our clients with quality services that help them build a strong portfolio. 

Our Sole Vision is to deliver the top-notch service which results in building our client base and giving out a good portfolio with profit trading as a goal. 

  • The Tips provided are easy to understand and execute 
  • Aggregated tips provided goes through a whole process of AI, Fundamental, Technical analysis via zeeta software and the final tips goes through the research and analysis team and then it goes to the client. 
  • A diverse range of products and services for traders and investors. 
  • Well-versed Research Team 
  • 24*7 customer support/ contact directly via Whatsapp
  • Relationship Manager at your ease
Please Note- We accept payment on our registered Bank Account only,Do not make payment to any other sources. For payment information visit this page.