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A financial advisor has the role of providing clients with specialist advice on how to manage their money and where to invest. Their roles involve various aspects such as researching the marketplace and recommending the most appropriate products and services available, ensuring that clients are aware of products that best meet their needs, and then securing a sale. They understand the needs of the client and plan the actions accordingly. Financial advisors help in designing investment portfolios to meet the goal of individual clients.

List of 11 Best Financial Advisors in Malaysia

Here is the list of the Top 11 best financial advisors in Malaysia for Traders & Investors.

  • Excellentte Consultancy Sdn Bhd
  • iFast Capital Sdn Bhd
  • Tips Aggregator
  • Blueprint Planning International Sdn Bhd
  • FA Advisory Sdn Bhd
  • VKA Wealth Planners Sdn Bhd
  • YES Financial Sdn Bhd
  • Bill Morrisons Wealth Management Sdn Bhd
  • Legacy Advisory Sdn Bhd
  • I-Max Financial Sdn Bhd
  • Kenanga Investors Berhad

1. Excellentte Consultancy Sdn Bhd

The company Excellente was founded in the year 1997 by Alfred Sek. It is one of the best financial advisors in Malaysia licensed by both Bank Negara and Securities Commission Malaysia.

Excellentte Consultancy aims to deliver personal and comprehensive financial services to its clients. Other services offered are corporate solutions, covering business insurance and general insurance; life insurance and retirement planning; investments such as customized investment portfolios and offshore investments, wills and trusts, and foundations.

2. iFast Capital Sdn Bhd

iFAST Capital Sdn Bhd is one of the largest wealth management fintech companies listed with headquarters in Singapore. The company provided various services such as investment solutions and services to financial advisory firms, financial institutions, banks, and multinational companies. The services are catered for retail and high net worth investors in Asia, which are powered by its in-house IT system.

The company is led by Dennis Tan Yik Kuan aiming to provide a comprehensive range of services that cover investment administration, research support, IT services, and backroom functions to wealth advisers. It also deals in the unit trusts, investment advisory services, private retirement schemes (PRS), securities (restricted to OTC Bonds), and fund management concerning portfolio management.

3. Tips Aggregator

Tips aggregator is a leading tips aggregating financial advisory firm in Bursa Malaysia. The concept of tips aggregation is a boon in the industry as it provides a new aspect to the traditional method of WhatsApp and telegram recommendation.

It deals in various segments like KLSE, Forex, Comex, Indices, and FCPO and it offers market support during active trading hours and also counter-involvement in the banker chip.

4. Blueprint Planning International Sdn Bhd

Blueprint Planning International Sdn Bhd is another leading financial company in Malaysia. It is headed by VP. Thanga. The company focuses on providing tailored and holistic financial planning services to clients both in Malaysia and abroad.

It is a leading advisor with knowledge and experience in the financial domain. The segment is focused on is financial areas inclusive of comprehensive financial planning and Islamic financial planning. Moreover, it also provides insurance-based solutions from a range of leading providers.

5. FA Advisory Sdn Bhd

The company was established in the year 2009 under the name of Uniplan Advisory Sdn Bhd. The name of the firm changed in 2013 and was kept as FA Advisory. The company is led by Tang Khan Loon, Amy Tan, and Sani Hamid.

It is a licensed firm by Bank Negara Malaysia and the Securities Commission of Malaysia and holds the license of Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 to perform financial planning services. It has been a leading Financial Alliance Group since October 2013.

6. VKA Wealth Planners Sdn Bhd

The company was founded by Dato’ Javern C.H Lim. It is one of the fastest-growing licensed financial planning firms and the best financial advisor in Malaysia.

It has provided innovative financial solutions to Malaysians since 2003. Moreover, it is a Corporate Unit Trust Adviser (CUTA) and Corporate PRS Adviser (CPRA) Firm.

VKA Wealth Planner is licensed under the Securities Commission and the Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia. Moreover, the company also provides the services of a Financial Adviser and Islamic Financial Adviser approved by Bank Negara Malaysia.

7. YES Financial Sdn Bhd

The company Yes Financial was founded by John Chan Ninyii. It offers independent holistic financial advice on financial planning services across multiple banking institutions. Also, Yes Financial provides services across unit trust management companies, asset management firms, fund managers, corporate trustees, offshore financial institutions, multiple life insurance companies, takaful operators, and general insurance companies.

It is a licensed financial advisor regulated by the Bank Negara Malaysia as a financial advisor’s firm and Islamic financial advisers firm. Apart from this, it obtains the Capital Market Service which is licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia for financial planning, and dealing with securities. This is limited to the unit trust and also deals with private retirement schemes.

8. Bill Morrisons Wealth Management Sdn Bhd

The other leading example for the financial planner in Malaysia is ​Bill Morrisons Wealth Management Sdn Bhd. The company is led by Billy Hii. The company provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services. Bill Morrison Wealth Management is licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia under Capital Markets Services License.

The company offers comprehensive financial planning and wealth management solutions. This includes the unit trusts, investments and insurance, private retirement schemes, and estate planning. Moreover, Bill Morrisons wealth management provides in-depth portfolio investment analysis and research for client recommendations based on their profiles and objectives.

9. Legacy Advisory Sdn Bhd

Legacy Advisory is another leading personal financial planning service provider. The company is by Irene Chan and was established in 2008. It is under the wings of Legacy Group as an independent financial advisory firm by Bank Negara Malaysia, Securities Commission, and Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia.

It offers one of the widest product range platforms in the domain which has access to more than 30 local insurance companies, over 200 investment funds, and access to accounting and legal professionals. Moreover, Legacy Advisory has global exposure to numerous financial institutions. Also, provide access to set up various jurisdictions.

10. I-Max Financial Sdn Bhd

The company I-Max is led by Ivy Yee and Johan Adam Jurohni. It was founded in the year 2009 and is the best financial planning firm. The company is licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia and the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

It has an excellent team of financial advisers that assists its clients to meet their financial needs and goals. It is done by equipping them with the right type of financial services and products. Moreover, the company offers client-centric advice. This results in providing diverse solutions to clients in the area of investment management, individual and corporate risk management services, and estate planning.

11. Kenanga Investors Berhad

The last one on the list of the best financial companies in Malaysia is Kenanga Investors Berhad (KIB). The company is led by its CEO, Ismitz Matthew De Alwis. This is a leading subsidiary of Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad. It is the largest independent bank in terms of equity trading value and volume.

KIB is a licensed financial service advisor to perform regulated activities of fund management dealing in securities that are limited to the unit trusts. The services are spread to investment advice, financial planning, and dealing in Private Retirement Schemes (“PRS”) under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007.

KIB also offers investment solutions that range from collective investment schemes, portfolio management services as well as segregated private mandates. Also spread to the alternative investments for retail, corporate, institutional clients, and high net-worth individuals.


In conclusion, the best financial advisors in Malaysia assist with the complete management of your finances. The word financial advisors include investment managers, financial consultants, and financial planners. We have discussed the top 11 Best Financial advisors in Malaysia for short-term and long-term investors. These are reliable and trustable organizations in Malaysia. The aim of each advisory is to provide the best analysis of your current financial situation that including your assets, debts, and expenses, and identify areas for improvement.

If you are looking for short-term gains on the investment then the tips aggregator is the best advisor who can help you to reach the goal.

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