The plan is curate for the one who wants to invest in precious metals Gold and Silver. The recommendation is one the basis of technical analysis. The product provides the recommendation on the metals mentioned.

Product Overview: There are 2 most traded precious metals Gold and Silver. Most of the trading happens in these 2 metals. This product is to provide recommendations only on these commodities.

Plan: Get Recommendations in Precious metals based on technical analysis

Who: For Traders who want to trade in Gold & Silver

Suitable for: A trader who wants to get the advantage of precious metal movement


Minimum Investment – 1000  USD

Recommendation Frequency – Expect 18- 20 Recommendations per Month

Mode of recommendation – Signals will be given Via SMS and WhatsApp

Follow-Up – Yes

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    1 Month
    USD 100
    3 Months
    USD 250
    Pay Via Bank Transfer
    Please Note- We accept payment on our registered Bank Account only,Do not make payment to any other sources. For payment information visit this page.