The plan provides recommendations for stocks withholding and intra/contra purpose. It is ideal for traders who want to invest in Bursa Malaysia. The recommendations are based on technical analysis.

Product Overview: There are specific stocks as the traders prefer to trade in that. This product is to provide recommendations only for stocks withholding and intra/contra purpose.

Plan: Get recommendations in all stocks based on Technical Analysis

Who: For Traders who want to trade in Bursa Malaysia

Suitable for: A trader who wants to get an advantage from stock movement in Bursa Malaysia by trading in customized signals.


Minimum Investment – 50000 RM

Recommendation Frequency – Customized recommendations

Mode of recommendation – Signals will be given Via e-mail and WhatsApp.

Follow-Up – Yes

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    1 Month
    SGD 1000
    3 Months
    SGD 2500
    Pay Via Bank Transfer
    Please Note- We accept payment on our registered Bank Account only,Do not make payment to any other sources. For payment information visit this page.